Car Insurance Calculation Explained

Car Insurance Calculation Explained

Car Insurance Calculation

Different companies will apply different factors to the way they finally arrive at a price for your Car Insurance.

Generally speaking though the concept is the same. This involves collecting various bits of information from you and feeding it through a computer system which adds or takes away money depending on the answers you give.

The value put on these answers is decided by the individual Car Insurance company. For example, some Car Insurance companies may believe that having a speeding conviction increases your chance of having a mishap in the future – therefore they may add money to your price if you have such a conviction.

Similarly, some Car Insurance companies may decide that because you have a lot of NCB Years then you are less likely to be a bad driver – therefore they may discount your price.

All in all there are around 30 different factors that may affect your final premium. Now you can see why you get such a difference in the price of your Car Insurance by going to various companies.

Each company will have it’s own view of what they believe should be assigned to each answer you give. The Car Insurance quote you get through this website will look at lots of different Car Insurance prices from lots of companies. That way you can get the best possible price for your profile.


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