Car Insurance Legal Requirements

In the United Kingdom the minimum legal requirement for Car Insurance is Third Party Only Cover.

Car Insurance companies will generally offer you three types of Car Insurance cover:

For total cover you should opt for a Comprehensive type policy. This will cover not only damage to the other person’s vehicle in the event of an accident but it will also cover damage sustained to your own car. This is usually the most expensive type of Car Insurance cover but gives you complete peace of mind.

The second highest form of Car Insurance cover is Third Party Fire and Theft. In the event of an accident this type of policy will cover you for damage sustained to the other person’s vehicle but will not cover damage to your own car. However, it will cover fire damage to your car and any theft issues relating to your vehicle.

Finally, the minimum form of cover is Third Party Only. This is usually the cheapest Car Insurance option and will only cover damage sustained to the other drivers car. It will not cover your own vehicle.

Generally speaking most people will opt for Third Party Only cover when their car has a very low value. In other words it may not be worth spending extra money on a Comprehensive policy for a car that doesn’t cost very much anyway.

You should always check with your Car Insurance provider as to what their policy actually does cover.

With so many companies offering cheap car insurance quotes we’ve compiled our list of car insurance websites where you can get an instant quote and buy online!