Car Insurance Group Explained

Car Insurance Group Explained

Car Insurance Group

If you look in one of the many car magazines or car buyer guides, you will have come across the Insurance Group Number.

In order for Car Insurance companies to evaluate each car and how the big the risk is for them, the ABI (Association of British Insurers) devised a method of assigning every car a group number.

There are currently 20 different Car Insurance groups and generally speaking the higher the Car Insurance group number the more expensive, faster or bigger the engine is for that car.

It also follows that the higher your Car Insurance group number, the higher the cost of your Car Insurance quote.

Most Car Insurance companies will use the Car Insurance group number as part of their rating process when trying to determine a price for your Car Insurance quote. They will often combine the Car Insurance Group number with other factors such as driver age or driving experience in order to fully appreciate the risk associated with a specific person driving a specific car.

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