Car Insurance Calculation Different companies will apply different factors to the way they finally arrive at a price for your Car Insurance. Generally speaking though the concept is the same. This involves collecting various bits of information from you and feeding it through a computer system which adds or takes away money depending on the answers you give. The value put on these answers is decided by the individual Car Insurance company. For example, some Car Insurance companies may believe that having a speeding conviction increases your chance of having a mishap in the future – therefore they may add money to your price ifRead More →

Car Insurance Group If you look in one of the many car magazines or car buyer guides, you will have come across the Insurance Group Number. In order for Car Insurance companies to evaluate each car and how the big the risk is for them, the ABI (Association of British Insurers) devised a method of assigning every car a group number. There are currently 20 different Car Insurance groups and generally speaking the higher the Car Insurance group number the more expensive, faster or bigger the engine is for that car. It also follows that the higher your Car Insurance group number, the higher theRead More →

The biggest difference between a Car Insurance broker and a Car Insurance Insurer is that the broker is not underwriting the policy. The insurer is the one who is actually underwriting (taking the risk) your policy. Therefore, if you have to make a claim on your Car Insurance policy then it will be the insurer that pays out and not the broker. A Car Insurance broker will generally offer products from multiple Car Insurance insurers. The broker will normally offer the customer a policy from the insurer who has come up with the best price on the broker’s system – though this is not alwaysRead More →