Classic Car Insurance And Specialist Cover

Classic Car Insurance

You should be able to find a Car Insurance company to offer you insurance for just about anything.

Some Car Insurance companies specialise in Classic Car Insurance for example. This type of cover will often require you to send in photographs of your vehicle together with a valuation certificate.

A Classic Car insurance policy will usually limit the number of miles per year you can do in the car. Rating for this type of Car Insurance is usually bespoke.

Other Car Insurance companies specialise in high performance cars, young drivers and women only Car Insurance.

People often have difficulty in finding insurance for imported vehicles or cars that have been extensively modified.

Common car modifications are usually acceptable by most companies but they will often charge an extra premium.

Imported vehicle insurance is hard to find because it is difficult for Car Insurance companies to find suitable parts in the event of a claim.

However, your best bet is to search the internet and trade magazines for Car Insurance advertisements that suit your requirements.