Everything you need to know when hiring a minibus

When it comes to looking for convenient transport for a number of people, a minibus hire is definitely something you should consider.

If you’re looking to transport a small group, then this is the perfect place for you. At Accept Direct, we cover absolutely everything there is to know when it comes to a minibus hire. Let’s begin:

How Many Seats are in a Minibus?

A minibus can come in all forms of shapes and sizes. You could get a minibus that has just seven seats or potentially hire a minibus that can have around 17 seats.

Depending on the size of the minibus, you might need to get a particular licence before transporting people.

What Type of Minibuses is there?

As mentioned before, there truly is a diverse range of minibuses to choose from. You can even hire a luxury minibus that guarantees to get your group around in Essex, Perth or Sydney in style.

How old do I need to be to drive a minibus?

Depending on the country, the age varies when it comes to driving a minibus. You may need to get a licence depending on the purpose of the minibus too.

What can I use a Minibus for?

 A minibus can be used for a number of occasions or events. It is ideal for a large group travelling to an airport, going away for a sporting event or travelling the city and doing some tourist trips.