The most common car damages

The Most Common Car Repairs

Windscreen Damage

As windscreens are made of glass, they can be easily damaged. Typically, this is due to road debris, bad weather, sudden changes in temperature, poor installation and collisions. If you are the victim of any of these issues, you should get your windscreen repaired as soon as possible.

For damaged windscreens, we recommend Total Windscreen Services in Sydney who has over 20 years of experience in the industry. Not only do they offer windscreen repairs, they offer complete replacements at a time and place that suits you. Find out more.

Wheel Alignment

Speed bumps, pot holes, kerbing etc, all contribute to knocking your cars geometry out. Various chassis parts wear over time, especially suspension related parts, resulting in incorrect geometry. We can solve this by diagnosing the issue on our equipment, and fixing it in house for you. Click here.

We often see incorrectly set alignment. This is usually due to inferior alignment equipment being used.  Difference between balancing and alignment.

What are the benefits of correct wheel alignment?

  • Reduced tyre wear. Uneven and premature tyre wear can results in a new tyre being purchased
  • Improved fuel consumption
  • Vastly improved handling
  • Safer driving. Vehicles are a lot more unstable, especially under braking if wheel alignment is not correct

Tyre Pressure

What happens if you don’t have the correct pressure?

Did you know that emissions and fuel economy are affected by the pressure of your car’s tyres? If your tyres are under inflated they create more resistance when your car is being driven; as a result your engine has to work harder resulting in more fuel being used. More advice here.

As well as costing you more in fuel, your under inflated tyres increase CO2 emissions. Conversely over inflated tyres can make driving less safe. Other dangers.